Partner benefits

  • Tailored R&D – partners set the research agenda, ensuring its relevance to your organisation’s needs
  • Leverage plus – partners maximise their returns on investment through leverage of CRC program funding and ‘in-kind’ investment
  • Innovation and commercialisation – CRCs are a proven model of innovation and commercialisation stemming from ‘at scale’ collaborations
  • Progressing priorities – the CRC will advance jurisdictional and Australian government priorities for remote health, industry development, Indigenous advancement and water reform
  • Access to R&D excellence – the WiNA CRC will link your organisation with the right people, skills, knowledge and capability in institutions that have a proven track record of world class research and industry appropriate technology
  • Locational advantage – the CRC’s location in northern Australia allows it to credibly specialise in water solutions for remote, arid and tropical regions
  • Technology head start – partners receive primary access to IP and research outputs
  • Easy engagement – an industry-led focus and tailored engagement approach will ensure your CRC interactions are effective and efficient
  • Effective water-related policy – the research, technology & pilots undertaken by the CRC will advance the development & implementation of government water policy, plans & processes
  • Strong corporate governance – you nominate and vote for an independent Board Directors
  • Increased workforce capacity – education and training programs are part of the WiNA CRCs agenda, enabling industry-ready, highly skilled employees and enhancing professional development, micro-credentials and technology transfer programs
  • International outreach – the innovations generated by the CRC will enhance the global technological and research reputation of northern Australia, attracting further investment.

Invest with us

Partner investment is required for a Stage 1 CRC bid and will determine the final funding request. Your partner options include:

  • Major Partner – cash contribution over 10 years of at least $1 million
  • Partner – cash contribution over 10 years of at least $250,000
  • Supporting partner – modest cash and/or in-kind contribution

WiNA Partners

We invite you to be a partner in the WiNA CRC. Potential partners might include:

  • Agricultural production companies
  • Energy and Resource Companies
  • Indigenous Organisations
  • Water Utilities
  • Government Departments
  • Suppliers to the water industry
  • Financiers of water development
  • Consultancy companies to the water industry
  • Training and education organisations
  • Universities and research organisations
  • Alliances, networkers and connectors

Value propositions